KMACvision is a video acquisition and post production company. Coming from 10 years experience in the Broadcast industry, KMACvision is a complete turnkey company, we use High Definition Cameras for acquisition and use the most up to date versions of Final Cut Studio for editing and DVD authoring.

KMACvision has a seamless workflow in place with all projects. We consider carefully all aspects of any production, no matter how small or how large, we pay particular attention to Audio, Lightening and Camera set up. We use a wide variety of Audio equipment as well as lightening equipment. We can deliver the final product to any desired format including, DVD, YouTube, iPhone and VHS. KMACvision also has a complete Duplication facility, where we can design DVD sleeves, DVD face and copy these in small or large quantities.


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KMACvision is the right choice to make your event special. We put the effort into our work because you have put the effort into your event. Professionalism and experience is what your event deserves. We can deliver.

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